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  • Jewelers Block Insurance

    Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc. / IJB's traditional Jewelers Block Policies and our Elite Jewelers Package Policies are tailored to each jeweler's specific needs. Our strength and expertise within the Jewelers Block Insurance Market allows us to negotiate broader terms, conditions and pricing with the insurance carriers that we do business with. Our goal is to provide you with better protection for your assets while saving you money.
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  • Pawnbrokers Package Policy

    Wexler Insurance / IJB's all-in-one Pawnbroker's Package Policy is designed specifically for Pawnbrokers. Pawned and Owned Jewelry & Other Stock, Buildings, Business Personal Property, General Liability, Products Liability for Guns and Ammunition, plus many other options can all be included in this unique policy. Coverage is based on your choice of replacement cost, cost plus interest or a multiple of the pawn value, and there is no coinsurance on Pawned or Owned Inventory.
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  • Check Casher Package Policy

    Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc. / IJB's comprehensive Check Casher Package Policy is available to Check Cashers, Payday Lenders, Currency Exchange Businesses and ATM Businesses. Our policy is designed to reduce gaps in coverage by combining the coverage that is usually offered in a Commercial Crime Policy with the coverage that is typically included in a Business Owners Policy.

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  • Museum, Antique and Fine Art Dealers Insurance

    Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc. / IJB offers a traditional Museum, Antique and Fine Art Dealers Policy or our unique "Fine Art & Antique Dealers Package Policy." Both of these policies include coverage for Breakage, Fire, Theft, Hurricane and Storm Surge. Coverage is on a "wall-to-wall" and "door-to-door" basis and can include shipping, art or antiques stored or displayed off premises, Trade Show Coverage and Earthquake Coverage.
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  • Personal Jewelry and Personal Articles Insurance

    Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc. / IJB offers one of the most comprehensive insurance policies to cover your personal jewelry and private collections. Coverage can be provided on your jewelry, art, antiques, rugs, furs, wine collections, golf clubs and virtually all forms of collectables. This policy can be purchased to cover large or small schedules as well as single, high-value items.

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We are licensed under the corporate name of at least one of our affiliated entities in all 50 states.